Sql-server – SSIS return value of Stored Procedure within an OLE DB Command


I am migrating data that has to be inserted using stored procedures which already exist. The stored procedures have parameters and a return value (from a select statement) of an id for the row inserted. Within an OLE DB Command in SSIS, I can call the stored procedure passing column values as the parameters and I usually use output parameters on the stored procedure to handle "id" output; but I am unsure how this can be handled with return values when the procedure uses a select to return the id value. Here is an example of what I have used before which works but I need to pick up the value returned from the select:

exec dbo.uspInsertContactAddress
@Address = ?,
@ContactID = ?,
@DeliveryMethodId = ?,
@ID = ? output,
@Version = ? output

Best Solution

The way I found I could do this which was actually quite simple:

exec ? = dbo.StoredProc @param = ?, @param2 = ?

and then a @RETURN_VALUE will appear on the Available Destination Columns