Sql-server – SSRS Deployed reports have disabled parameters in IE, and those without parameters just return a blank screen


I have a set of SSRS reports developed in Visual Studio Data Tools that are used for several clients.

For one particular site, each report will work perfectly in 'Preview' mode in Visual Studio, however when I deploy them and attempt to run them in IE all of the parameters are disabled/greyed out. I also tried to put in a set of default parameters to see what would happen and when I click 'Run Report' I do not even get the 'Loading' image and the report is just blank.

I have checked the IE security settings and have reset them, and also added the report web page location in to trusted sites which unfortunately hasn't made a difference. One thing I have also noticed is that when I try to view Developer Tools in IE, it also just shows a blank white screen.

I've searched online and found a couple of old posts on various websites with a similar issue but none that were ever resolved, and now I am not sure how to proceed.

More info that might be useful:
The client are using IE 11, it is a terminal server style setup with around 8 or 9 users logged on.
The report I am testing with has 2 date parameters first, and two multi-valued parameters (I have tried other reports but with the same issue)
The client recently moved servers and the reports worked fine before, although it was a fresh install of the report so I don't believe there would be any old settings that could be causing it?

Any help greatly appreciated 🙂

Best Solution

In SSRS, report parameters can be inactive when the report is generated from a snapshot. Removing this option is as follows:

  1. Navigate to the report in SSRS
  2. "Manage" the report from the drop down.
  3. Select "Processing Options" from the left menu
  4. Is "Render this report from a report snapshot" selected? If so, switch to "Always run this report with the most recent data" option.
  5. Run the report to determine if parameters are now active.

If this fixes your issue, you may need to switch from the snapshot option to the Scheduled Cache option available under the left menu link "Cache Refresh Options"

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