Sql – Starting SQL Dev on Mac


As I've never created an SQL database outside of University, I'd really like to get a bit of experience. At this moment in time I use a Mac and I've googled round but can't find any decent links.

At the moment I have the mySQL Query Browser / Administrator, which I use for work when I bring my laptop in.

However what additional software do I need in order to create a database on my Mac? Can anyone provide any links for software they recommend?

I have mySQL installed at the command line at the moment, however I haven't a clue as to what I'm supposed to do and I'd like some help getting my feet on the ground. Thanks for any help.

Best Solution

Check MAMP, Mac, Apache, MySQL and PHP. It comes loaded with a database and a ready to go application server.

After setting up MySQL, you will need an editor to make a database and tables. I know Navicat for Windows/Mac is one of the best for MySQL but its commercial. You will need to look for other GUI.

I also tried PostgreSQL database, it does have a GUI and its free.