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I have a table with a 'filename' column.
I recently performed an insert into this column but in my haste forgot to append the file extension to all the filenames entered. Fortunately they are all '.jpg' images.

How can I easily update the 'filename' column of these inserted fields (assuming I can select the recent rows based on known id values) to include the '.jpg' extension?

Best Solution

The solution is:

UPDATE tablename SET [filename] = RTRIM([filename]) + '.jpg' WHERE id > 50

RTRIM is required because otherwise the [filename] column in its entirety will be selected for the string concatenation i.e. if it is a varchar(20) column and filename is only 10 letters long then it will still select those 10 letters and then 10 spaces. This will in turn result in an error as you try to fit 20 + 3 characters into a 20 character long field.