Sql-server – The permissions granted to user ‘servername/iusr-username’ are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied)


I have tried everything that most forums have said and still cannot get other people in the network to see this report.

Here's the things I have tried:

  1. in servername/reports under properties tab i have added my user domain/username and given him all 5 roles (Browser, Content Manager, My Reports, Publisher, Report Builder)

  2. in the site settings –> Configure Site wide security –> domain / username, i have given System Administrator role.

  3. In IIS, I have given both the reports and reportserver in Directory Security –> Integrated Windows Authentication and unchecked Anonymous Access.

Even after this I am the only one who can view this report. Whenever another user on the domain tries to access it, the login dialog pops up and they need my password to get in.

All I need is that whenever any user types servername/reportserver in his IE, the report should pop up without any login requirements.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Best Solution

You need to go into your SSRS ReportManager and configure the security settings.

Through Properties -> Security -> New Role Assignment-> Then add the appropiate domain group. If all users need access, then use "YourDomain\Domain Users".