Sql – The wait operation timed out. ASP


I created an internal website for our company. It run smoothly for several months and then I made a major update due to user suggestion. When I run in live, it run normally. Then suddenly one of my user from japan sending me an "The Wait operation timed out." error. When I check access that certain link, It run normally for me and some other who I ask to check if they access that page. I already update the httpRuntime executionTimeout but still no luck. Is it the error come from database connection? If I increase the timeout in the database connection it will be fix the problem?

Best Solution

Remember to increase the connection timeout AND the command timeout:

SqlConnection(@"Data Source=SQLSERVER;Initial Catalog=MYCATALOG;Integrated Security=True;Connection Timeout=1000");//huge timeout

and then:

com.CommandTimeout = 950;//or whatever