SQL to search objects, including stored procedures, in Oracle


I need to write some sql that will allow me to query all objects in our Oracle database. Unfortunately the tools we are allowed to use don't have this built in.
Basically, I need to search all tables, procedures, triggers, views, everything.

I know how to search for object names. But I need to search for the contents of the object.
i.e. SELECT * FROM DBA_OBJECTS WHERE object_name = '%search string%';


Best Solution

I'm not sure I quite understand the question but if you want to search objects on the database for a particular search string try:

SELECT owner, name, type, line, text 
FROM dba_source
WHERE instr(UPPER(text), UPPER(:srch_str)) > 0;

From there if you need any more info you can just look up the object / line number.

For views you can use:

FROM dba_views
WHERE instr(UPPER(text_vc), UPPER(:srch_str)) > 0