Postgresql – Truncating all tables in a Postgres database


I regularly need to delete all the data from my PostgreSQL database before a rebuild. How would I do this directly in SQL?

At the moment I've managed to come up with a SQL statement that returns all the commands I need to execute:

SELECT 'TRUNCATE TABLE ' ||  tablename || ';' FROM pg_tables WHERE tableowner='MYUSER';

But I can't see a way to execute them programmatically once I have them.

Best Solution

FrustratedWithFormsDesigner is correct, PL/pgSQL can do this. Here's the script:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION truncate_tables(username IN VARCHAR) RETURNS void AS $$
    statements CURSOR FOR
        SELECT tablename FROM pg_tables
        WHERE tableowner = username AND schemaname = 'public';
    FOR stmt IN statements LOOP
        EXECUTE 'TRUNCATE TABLE ' || quote_ident(stmt.tablename) || ' CASCADE;';
$$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

This creates a stored function (you need to do this just once) which you can afterwards use like this:

SELECT truncate_tables('MYUSER');