Sql – way to get DateTime value from timestamp type column


I need a select from table which does not have column that tells when row was inserted, only timestamp column (values like: 0x0000000000530278). Some data was imported to the table yesterday and now I need to find out what exactly was imported 🙁

Is there a way to do it using only timestamp info? Here I found that:

  • Timestamp is a 8 bytes sequential Hex number, that has nothing to do with neither the date nor the time.
  • To get the current value of timestamp, use: @@DBTS.

Perhaps there is a way to find what was timestamp value around specific time? That would help to form a select. Or maybe there is a well known solution?

Best Solution

The Transact-SQL timestamp data type is a binary data type with no time-related values.

So to answer your question: Is there a way to get DateTime value from timestamp type column?

The answer is: No