Sql – What GOOD tools are available for generating ERD from a SQL Server Database?


I am trying to generate an Entity Relationship Diagram from an existing MS SQLServer 2005 database. What tools are available? Specifically,I am not only interested in ERD's more directly I am looking for a tool to help quickly learning and analysing a medium size (schema wise not really row wise) database structure.

Best Solution

I can see that this post is quite old and MS SQL Server Management Studio might have not had this feature back then! Though as far as I know with SQL Server 2012 you can generate the ER diagrams by taking a few simple steps listed below:

  1. MS SQL Server management Studio > File menu > "Connect Object Explorer"
  2. Choose your Database node and expand it. under this node you'll find a sub-node called "Database Diagrams"
  3. Right click on "Database Diagrams" > "New Database Diagram" > Add tables that you wish to see their columns, relationships, ...