Sql – Where did Open Table go in SQL Server 2008


As of SQL Server 2005, you used to be able to open a flat file in SQL Management Studio off the right click menu for any database table. Once opened, you could add or update records right there in the grid.

Now that SQL Server 2008 is out, Microsoft has hidden that feature, at least from the right-click menu.

Where did it go?

Best Solution

It's replaced by "Edit Top 200 Rows". You can change that command in the Tools > Options > SQL Server Object Explorer > Commands.

But once you right-click a table, choose "Edit Top 200 Rows", hunt on the toolbar for a button called "Show SQL Pane". From here you can edit the query so the grid shows a subset of the data that you want.

They did this because people were accidentally opening huge tables with the old Open Table command. This method seems to work pretty well, though in general I find that the 2008 version is pretty wonky when talking to 2005 databases, but that's another matter....