SSRS pie chart color coding


I have an ssrs report where I have many pie charts with the fields pass and fail as well as up to 3 other miscellaneous fields and I wish to be able to color the pass always green and the fail always red but the other fields could be a default value. Is this even possible to do? I have seen code examples with code for custom color in pie charts but I have no clue how to do this and have not found where I would put my custom code. What im trying to do is slightly different from what all those other examples do whith only defining a few fields.

Best Solution

Fields!ResultTypeDescription.Value = "Pass", "Green",
Fields!ResultTypeDescription.Value = "Fail", "Red",
Fields!ResultTypeDescription.Value = "Assigned To Machine", "Blue",
Fields!ResultTypeDescription.Value = "Not Yet Assigned", "Orange",
True , "Gray"


In order to get our dynamic coloring working,i overrode the colors from the palette. This is how it’s done. Right-click on the pie and select Series Properties. Select the Fill page and click the Expression (fx) button to define the color.

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