SVN command to delete all locally missing files


In SVN is there a command I can use to delete all locally missing files in a directory?

Or failing that, some way of listing only those files that are missing (or, in the more general case, have status A, D, ?, etc.)

Best Solution

If you're using Mac (Darwin) or Linux you can pipe the outputs of the following commands to svn rm for all missing files. You can set the current working directory to the appropriate directory or subdirectory before running these - dependent on whether you want to run this your entire working copy, or only a subset.

  1. Run an svn status
  2. Search for lines that begin with "!" (missing)
  3. Print the "--force" (svn argument) and the second column (the file name) of the output from #2
  4. Run svn rm using the output of #3 as arguments

So the full command is:

svn st | grep ^! | awk '{print " --force "$2}' | xargs svn rm