Svn: MKACTIVITY 403 Forbidden


I´m getting this error while trying to commit to a svn repository:

svn: MKACTIVITY of '/svn/Demo/!svn/act/e2e65cfa-...4165f': 403 Forbidden (

Any idea why? I googled a lot, but cannot find a solution that works for me.

Best Solution

I do not know if this answer helps you, but in my case it had something to do with server domain names and case sensitivity.

The URL we used for this working copy was

instead of the correct URL


Misteriously, the wrong URL worked for "check out" and "update" and browsing the respository but not for "copy" or "commit".

Checking out a new working copy using the exact URL made the problems disappear.

(Using subversion 1.6.12 with Visual SVN Server installed on a Microsoft Windows Server)