Svn switch error – is not the same repository


I have recently moved the SVN server and now i am tring to relocate the working copies from my computer to the new server. But i get the strangest error.
i do :

svn switch

but i get

svn: 'http://99.99.99.old/svn/company/project/trunk/web'
is not the same repository as

the move was made with dump and import … and the repo root is on

Do you guys have any ideas of what might be wrong ?
thanks a lot

Best Solution

Try using

svn switch --relocate http://99.99.99.old/svn/company/project/trunk/web

As noted by Sporino in the comments, since Subversion 1.7, there's a seperate relocate command:

svn relocate http://99.99.99.old/svn/company/project/trunk/web