Swift to Objective-C header not created in Xcode 6


I have recently been working to add Swift to an existing project, to get to try it out in a real-world fashion.

Upon adding a Swift source file to the project, I have no problems about getting the "Bridging Header", that is, Objective-C to Swift.

But the *-Swift.h header file that is supposed to expose Swift classes either marked @objc or subclasses of ObjC classes, is nowhere to be found 🙁

I don't see any specific instructions on how to accomplish the usage of my new subclass, written in Swift, in my main app code (which is still Objective-C).

The app that I am lead developer of has a fairly large codebase (70.000 lines), so transitioning it in one go is out of the question.

Best Solution

Now it works.

  1. Project must have a Product Module Name that does not include spaces.
  2. Defines Module must be set to Yes in Build Settings, under Packaging.

Finally works. Thanks to everyone for the help :-)