Symbolic Math in Julia


I use Mathematica for symbolic math calculations. I am planning to switch to another language. Matlab (which I use for standard computation stuff) includes this feature but I am looking at the possibility of using Julia, since it seems to be the future. Yet, there seems to be no symbolic tool available (no mention in official documentation). Apparently the only package available (SymPy) says "Test Failed" in the official website (

Has anyone been able to do this in Julia?

Best Solution

Now, looking at one could find more candidates to perform symbolic mathematics in julia:

  • SymEngine.jl

    Julia Wrappers for SymEngine, a fast symbolic manipulation library, written in C++.

  • Symata.jl

    a language for symbolic computations and mathematics, where, for the most part, "mathematics" means what it typically does for a scientist or engineer.

  • SymPy.jl

    Julia interface to SymPy via PyCall


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