Syncfusion DocIO — how to insert image (local file) at bookmark using BookmarksNavigator


I have been using Syncfusion DocIO for generating MS Word documents from my .net applications (winforms). So far I have dealt with plain text and it is fairly straightforward to insert text in a word document template where bookmarks serve as reference points for text insertion.

I am navigating the bookmarks using BookmarksNavigator.MoveToBookmark() . Now I need to insert an image at a bookmark but I am at a loss at how to go about it.

Please help…


Best Solution

Specifically for adding it to a bookmark :

            //Move to the specified bookmark

            //Insert the picture into the specified bookmark location

            // we assume the text is a full pathname for an image file
            // get the image file
            System.Drawing.Image image = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(sText);

            IWParagraph paragraph = new WParagraph(document);
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