“Task scanning” in NetBeans and how to turn it off


Sometimes when opening projects, NetBeans will display a "Task scanning" progress bar on the status bar. What exactly is it scanning for? Is it possible to turn it off as I noticed that sometimes it takes a while and maybe it's just my installation but sometimes I have to force it to stop when closing NetBeans.

Best Solution

It is a "Task List" plugin working. It does this:

Provides the Task List window, which lists places of interest in your project, such as lines that contain "TODO", "XXX", "PENDING", Java compilation errors, and so on. You can click an entry in the list to navigate to the corresponding place in your code.

You can remove it by going to "Tools > Plugins" menu, "Installed" tab, selecting "Task List" from the installed plugin list and clicking "Uninstall" button. (These instructions are for NetBeans 6.5, but should be somewhat alike for all the other versions).

But I would advise against removing it - I find it pretty useful. There are times when I forget about several TODO's, and Tasks window is a great way to look 'em up.

If you can't see that window, you can access it through "Window > Task" menu, or by pressing Ctrl+6 (again, these instructions are for NetBeans 6.5)

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