Tips and tricks for emacs’ viper-mode and the likes


Basically, I really like vi[m]'s key-bindings, but not the rest of the editor. I really dislike emacs key-bindings, but like the rest of the editor.

viper-mode seems like the best of both worlds, but it's not perfect..

What vim features did you miss in emacs (and more importantly, how did you get them back)? What config-tweaks did you do to make viper-mode nicer to use?

As a start: I really missed vim's visual-selection mode.. vimpulse adds this to emacs!

Best Solution

As far as I know, VIM/VI has always had the :set nu feature to show line numbers along-side the lines themselves. By default, emacs only had line-number-mode which showed the line-number of the current line in the mode-line (not the same thing).

To fix that, I always found linum.el pretty useful. Starting with the upcoming emacs 23, the linum mode would be included in the standard distribution. But for emacs <= 22, one still needs to install it manually.