Tortoise SVN: how to svn update folder but NOT its subfolders


This is probably something that has got a simple solution, but I'm probably not good at all in using Tortoise SVN.

I have this working direcetory that I checked out some time ago:


Now all I want to do is to SVN UPDATE my working directory only for the files in /folder, but NOT its subfolders. How do I do this?

Be aware that on the SVN server repository, /folder now contains new files file3, file4 that I want to see in the working directory after the SVN UPDATE.

EDIT since maybe it's not clear: subfolders MUST not be touched by SVN during SVN UPDATE, I don't want it to touch them at all. I tried to use Greg answer but it does not work and WARNING: subfolder1 and subfolder2 will get DELETED from your working copy during the update.


Best Solution

You can make SVN update non-recursively by using this command:

svn update --depth=files

The --depth argument can take the following parameters: empty, files, immediates or infinity

To do this using the GUI rather than command line, you can use Update to revision, which can be found here:

alt text

and then chosing the Head revision, you can specify how recursive the update is: alt text

In your case, choosing Immediate children, including folders will be most appropriate.