Using Enterprise LIbrary 6 Application Blocks


Then new Enterprise Library 6 is out and can be downloaded here. I have downloaded and extracted EnterpriseLibrary6-binaries.exe to a folder on my C: drive. The readme says this:


Summary: This package contains Enterprise Library configuration console, MSMQ distributor service, merge configuration tool and a script to download binaries for all application blocks from NuGet.

In order to get all the binaries, run the install-packages.ps1 script.

Note: For the Semantic Logging Application Block Out-of-Process service, a separate package is available for download.

I then run Powershell and run the script. I now look in the folder I extracted the .exe to and all of the binaries are there. Now, here are the instructions from the Enterprise Library 6 .chm.

To install the integrated Visual Studio configuration editor 

1. On the Visual Studio Tools menu, choose Extensions and Updates. 
2. In the Extensions and Updates dialog, search online for EnterpriseLibrary.config. 
3. Click the Download button to download and install the Enterprise Library configuration editor. 
4. Restart Visual Studio to complete the installation. 

To launch and use the configuration editor from Visual Studio 

1. Open a solution in Visual Studio. 
2. If the solution does not contain a configuration file, add one using the Visual Studio Add menu. 
3. In Solution Explorer, right-click the configuration file and then click Edit Enterprise Library V6 Configuration. This launches the integrated configuration editor or the appropriate standalone version of the configuration tool. 

Step #3 is where I am stuck. I have a WCF service project with a web.config in it. I right click the web.config and I don't see a "Edit Enterprise Library V6 Configuration" context menu option.

I DO see an "Edit Server Configuration File v6". However, when I click this I get the following error.

enter image description here

All I'm trying to do is use the Exception Handling Application Block in my WCF service project. I've looked around the web and can't find any easy step-by-step tutorial to guide me either. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best Solution

You need to set the solution property for "Enterprise Library v6 binaries path" to set to the folder that you extracted "EnterpriseLibrary6-binaries.exe".

You can do that by clicking the solution and then pressing F4 to see the properties window, but you need to make sure that your "Enterprise Library Config tool" is v6.

The Visual Studio Gallery provides Enterprise Library 5 Config tool which is obviously the wrong Version.

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