Vb.net – 3D resources for VB.NET programmers


I want to learn 3D programming within the Microsoft Windows .NET environment. My best .NET language is VB.NET.

My aim is to be able to create 3D images only. I do not want to create 3D videos or 3D games.

Any suggestion of books or online resources that are suitable for VB.NET users like me?


I know nothing about 3D programming and only have limited experiences in 2D graphics programming under .NET

I can work in all versions of VB.NET and Visual Studio (2003-2010)

Best Solution

If you are working with last visual studio and you don't need an advanced rendering, then you can skip use of XNA (3D engine in directx for windows and XBOX), you can use WPF and XAML Viewport3D object and 3D objects.

Here some examples:




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