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I am having some troubles with FolderBrowserDialog
I've tried all the post I could find here and I'm almost there in terms of what I want.
following is my code:

Private Sub ButtonBrowseOutput_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles ButtonBrowseOutput.Click
    Dim dialog = New FolderBrowserDialog()
    dialog.SelectedPath = Application.StartupPath
    If DialogResult.OK = dialog.ShowDialog() Then
        TextBoxShowOutput.Text = dialog.ToString & "/helloforum" & ".txt"
    End If
End Sub

would give me something like this:


Where I want it to give it for example:


Best Solution

TextBoxShowOutput.Text = dialog.ToString & "/helloforum" & ".txt"

Must be:

TextBoxShowOutput.Text = dialog.SelectedPath & "/helloforum" & ".txt"
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