Vb.net – How to create a Splash screen for VB.net program


How do i create a Splash Screen for a vb.net program? I want to make a visual that will come up before the programs starts and after it finishes in this possible?

Best Solution

  1. Open Your vb.net
  2. Add new project
  3. Go to properties of your form
  4. Clear the Text
  5. Set the FormBorderStyle to None.
  6. Insert a background image.
  7. Set the background image to stretch.
  8. Add a ProgressBar, a Timer and a Label to your form.
  9. Go to properties of timer set the Interval into 50 and Enabled to true.
  10. Double click the Timer event.
  11. Populate This Code Inside The Private Sub Timer_Tick;

           If ProgressBar1.value = 100 Then
           End IF
  12. Increment which mean to increase by 1.
  13. form2.show to show an another form if the ProgressBar was done processing.
  14. In a Label you must rename it whatever you want.