Vba – Calling a Sub in VBA


This my simplified script:

    Sub SomeOtherSub(Stattyp As String)
        'Daty and the other variables are defined here

        CatSubProduktAreakum(Stattyp, Daty + UBound(SubCategories) + 2)

    End Sub

    Sub CatSubProduktAreakum(Stattyp As String, starty As Integer)

    'some stuff

    End Sub

The call of CatSubProduktAreakum is marked red as a "syntax error". I don't understand the error. It is a simple sub-routine call with two arguments. Why does VBA not accept the call?

Best Solution

Try -

Call CatSubProduktAreakum(Stattyp, Daty + UBound(SubCategories) + 2)

As for the reason, this from MSDN via this question - What does the Call keyword do in VB6?

You are not required to use the Call keyword when calling a procedure. However, if you use the Call keyword to call a procedure that requires arguments, argumentlist must be enclosed in parentheses. If you omit the Call keyword, you also must omit the parentheses around argumentlist. If you use either Call syntax to call any intrinsic or user-defined function, the function's return value is discarded.

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