Visual-studio – create “Solution” level items in a Visual Studio Project Template


There's a lot of great information on MSDN dealing with creating Visual Studio templates. I've been specifically working through a Multi-Project Solution (,printer).aspx)

I have everything working in my template (4 projects + 2 Solution Folders – 1 for Tests, and 1 for Libraries that I'm referencing). I have no problem adding projects, or solution folders through the template, but I've hit a wall trying to add dll's and other resources that are not in a specific project, they are just solution level items.

Has anyone dealt with this before? Thanks,

Best Solution

I have been trying to do the same thing for a while now and have had no luck finding a native way to do it. The way I am doing it currently is having a custom project template that adds the items to the project and then through a VS Wizard associated with that template using convention to move the files to the solution level and removing them from the project level.