Visual-studio – “Go To Definition” in Visual Studio only brings up the Metadata


I am working in a Web Project in Visual Studio 2008. When I hit F12 (or right-click and select Go To Definition) Visual Studio is consistently going to the Metadata file instead of going to the source.

Some Points:

  • All the source code is C#, there is no VB.Net
  • All the projects are in the same solution
  • Everything is a project reference as opposed to a file reference (checked and double-checked)
  • I have tried the Clean/Rebuild Solution approach (even to the point of clearing out the Temp directory, Temporary ASP.NET Files directory, etc).

Has anyone else seen this behavior and/or know how to fix it?

Best Solution

Well, another developer found the answer. The specific project we had an issue with was originally added as a file reference, then removed and added as a Project Reference. Visual Studio however, kept both in the csproj file for the web site, causing the issue. He went in and manually edited the csproj file to remove the file reference to the problem project and all is fixed now