Visual-studio – How to permanently remove a breakpoint in Visual Studio 2005 /2008 (ASP.NET, C#)


Often, when I have a breakpoint on some line in Visual Studio, The program will run and stop there. great. I will then click the red circle (or press F9) to remove it. Obviously I don't want my program to keep stopping there. The problem is that the next time I refresh the page the breakpoint is back! The only way to permanently remove it is to open the breakpoints window and remove it there. Why does this happen and how can I change this behavior?

I have noticed that these breakpoints which keep coming back have a little plus next to them in the breakpoints window which when you click on – open up many sub lines of breakpoints. What is the deal with that?


Best Solution

Helpful Key combo: to permanently delete all breakpoints, press CTRL + SHIFT + F9.