Visual-studio – How to reference a capture group with regex find and replace in Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015, and VS Code


I realize there are a ton of questions about this, but none that I found specifically referenced which VS version they referred to. With that important information lacking, I still was unable to successfully use the answers I found. The most common was

  • Surround with {}, display capture with \1, \2, \n

However, that seems to be the old method of doing regex find and replace in Visual Studio, and it does not work in VS 2012.

Best Solution

To find and replace in VS 2012 and VS 2015 you do the following:

Example (thanks to syonip)

In the find options, make sure 'use regular expressions' is checked, and put the following as the text to find:


And the following as the text to replace it with:


Note: As SLaks points out in a comment below, the change in regex syntax is due to VS2012 switching to the standard .Net regex engine.

Note: Another commenter pointed out that this works in Visual Studio Code (vscode) as well