Visual-studio – How to reset the Zoom in Visual Studio 2010 and above


How do you reset the "Zoom" in VS 2010 and above back to normal?

CTRL+SCROLL WHEEL lets you zoom in/out with Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013/2015/2017, but I'd like to get back to the initial 100%.

Best Solution

There is a select box for this at the bottom left of the editor window - choose 100% ;)

zoom control

I was unable to find a keyboard shortcut for it, though zooming in and out can be done using Ctrl + > and Ctrl + <.

Please note the horizontal scroll bar must be turned on to see the zoom level.

Tools / Options / Text Editor / All Languages / Scroll Bars

Another option (Visual Studio 2013/2015) is to use Ctrl with the mouse wheel (up to zoom in, down to zoom out).