How to switch the signed in user in Visual Studio 2013


A new feature of Visual Studio 2013 is the ability to sign in with a Microsoft Account and have your settings be persisted across all of your instances of Visual Studio, amongst other things.

When I installed Visual Studio 2013 Preview I signed in with one of several Microsoft Accounts I hold.

I've now installed the RTM version of Visual Studio 2013 (after uninstalling the Preview version) and that has kept my previous user sign in credentials.

I would now like to change these sign in credentials to be a different Microsoft Account but every time I attempt to sign in with the new details I receive a message similar to the following

We were unable to establish the connection because it is configured for user but you attempted to connect using user To connect as a different user perform a switch user operation. To connect with the configured identity just attempt the last operation again.

The problem is I can't find any documentation anywhere on how to perform a "switch user operation". Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough but hopefully someone here can help me out.

Best Solution

There is a comment about this under this answer, but I think it's important to list it here. If you want to preserve your settings, export them first because they will be lost.

From MSDN forums - since I had to hunt around far too much to find the solution to this:

  1. Close Visual Studio
  2. Start the Developer Command prompt installed with Visual Studio as an administrator.
  3. type 'devenv /resetuserdata' ('wdexpress /resetuserdata' for Express SKUs)
  4. Start Visual Studio Normally.

Worked for me.