Visual-studio – Preventing Visual Studio from building all projects when debugging one


I have a solution with a few different projects in it: a couple dll projects, a console project, and a couple WCF projects.

The console project uses a dll from one of the projects, but I have VS set so that the console project has no dependencies. However, when I debug the console project VS launches, or builds all my projects. This is just a pain since both the WCF projects compile and launch the WCF client or the dev IIS process. Is there a way to prevent this behavior?

I have semi fixed it. To prevent the WCF library from launching, I followed this: How to Prevent Visual Studio launch WcfSvcHost.exe in Debuggin?

But I still cant stop the dev server from launching.

Best Solution

Right click on your solution, then go to Properties, Configuration Properties and select the projects you want to be compiled.