Visual Studio 2008: Can’t connect to known good TFS 2010


A freshly installed TFS 2010 is at http://serverX:8080/tfs.

A Windows 7 developer machine with VS 2008 Pro SP1 and the VS2008 Team Explorer (no SP). The TFS 2008 Service Pack 1 didn't work for me – "None of the products that are addressed by this software update are installed on this computer."

The developer machine is able to browse the TFS site at the above URL.

The Issue is around trying to add the TFS server into the Team Explorer window in Visual Studio 2008. Here's a screenshot showing the error:

unable to connect to this Team Foundation Server. Possible reasons for failure include: The Team Foundation Server name, port number or protocol is incorrect. The Team Foundation Server is offline. Password is expired or incorrect.

The TFS server is up and running properly. Firewall ports are open, and is accessible via the browser on the dev machine!!

alt text
larger image

Question: how can you connect from VS 2008 Pro to a TFS 2010 server?


Here's how I solved this problem:



  • when adding a TFS server to Team Explorer, you MUST specify the URL as such:
  • in my case above, it was http://serverX:8080/tfs/AppDev-TestProject
  • you cannot simply add the TFS server name and have VS look for all Project Collections on the server. TFS 2010 has a new URL (by default) and VS 2008 doesn't recognize how to gather that list.

Best Solution

Check out this article 'Connecting VS2008 to any TFS2010 Project Collection'.

The only catch here is that the author didn't mention that you need to install/reinstall Service Pack 1 'Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 (Installer)' for Visual Studio 2008 after installing Team Explorer 2008. This will take care of the invalid characters error message when trying to connect.

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