Visual-studio – Visual Studio 2010 does not discover new unit tests


I am writing some unit tests in Visual Studio 2010. I can run all tests by using "Run all Tests in Current Context".

However, if I write a new unit test, it does not get picked up by the environment – in other words, I am not able to find it in Test List Editor, by running all tests, or anywhere else. If I unload the project and then reload it; the new test is available to run.

When I am adding a unit test, I simply add a new method to an already existing TestClass and decorating it with [TestMethod] attribute – nothing fancy.

What might be causing this behaviour, and how do I make it work ?

Best Solution

I finally figured out the problem. In Options under Test Tools -> Test Project, there is an option "Disable background discovery of test methods". It was turned on - I do not know how that happened, but removing the checkmark and restarting Visual Studio solved the problem.