Visual Studio Debugger skips over breakpoints


My Visual Studio 2008 IDE is behaving in a very bizarre fashion while debugging a unit test: I have a breakpoint and when I hit it and then try to step with F10 the test concludes. If I Set breakpoints on every line inside the method being tested I will end up at a random one, not the next one on the following line. I have cleaned and rebuilt the solution after a clean system restart. The behavior persists. Has anyone else experienced this and come to a conclusion.

This test only used the main execution thread (no additional threads are being created)

Best Solution

There was a post VS2008 SP1 hotfix released that solves a number of debugging problems. The KB article is here, the hotfix download is here.

UPDATE: the hotfix download location was retired, I don't know of an alternative download location. Please edit this post if you find one.