Visual-studio – Why can’t I debug


When I was about to debug C++ program in VS2005,the program didn't stop at
the breakpoints.

The VS said"No symbols are loaded for any call stack frame. The source code cannot be displayed".

What can I do?

Best Solution

Thanks to everybody.

Finally,I found a solution here.

To enable debugging:

1) Goto Project->HelloWorld Properties

2) On the left expand "Configuration Properties"

3) Expand "C/C++"

4) On the left, Select "General"

5) On the right, change "Debug Information Format" to "Program Database For Edit And Continue (/ZI)"

5) On the left, Select "Optimization"

6) On the right, change "Optimization" to "Disabled (/Od)"

7) On the left, expand "Linker"

8) On the left, select "Debugging"

9) On the right, change "Generate Debug Info" to "Yes"

10) Click ok

11) Set your breakpoints

12) Rebuild your application

Also when running your application use Ctrl+F5 to build and run it, this keeps the console window open long enough for you to see your output.