Visual-studio – Would you like to continue and run the last successful build?


You're in Visual Studio… you press F5 (Run) and are greeted by this dialog:

There were build errors. Would you like to continue and run the last successful build?


I'm sure there are cases where running the last successful build is useful, however, I have never purposefully answered yes to this question. Oh sure, I've clicked Yes plenty of times, and waiting in frustration for the first opportunity to undo my blunder, but nothing more.

So, have you ever found this feature useful? And if so, under what circumstances did it become helpful for you to be able to run the last successful build of your application?

How often do you accidentally click Yes and kick yourself while waiting for the app to start?

Best Solution

In VS2008 there are the following options you can set to change the behavior (not sure if there are similar options in other versions of Visual Studio):

Projects and Solutions/Build and Run

    - On Run, when projects are out of date:

          Always build
          Never build
          Prompt to build <== default setting

    - On Run, when build or deployment errors occur:

          Launch old version
          Do not launch
          Prompt to launch <== default setting

Set the above options to "Always build" and "Do not launch" and you get what I consider a more ueseful behavior. Though sometimes when I try to launch the debugger and there's a build error it takes me a few seconds to realize why I'm not getting to the breakpoint I thought I'd be hitting (it might be nice to get some sort of 'toaster' type of message to knock me out of my stupor).