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I have a "small" problem with my WAMP Server. Everything worked fine (WAMP is on port 8081 – free port no matter what program I have open) yesterday but today, I can't reach localhost:8081. It's just keep loading and loading and loading…

I have tried everything – open the port in my router and in my firewall, check that the port is currently open and reachable (which it is) and so on. I installed the latest Windows updates to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit earlier this day, restarted my computer and boom – I can't reach localhost:8081. It worked perfectly before I restarted the computer.

The updates was KB2620704, KB2588516, KB2617657, and KB890830.

Please, help me! I'm literally dying inside if I can't work with my website. I have tried XAMPP too. Apach didn't wanted to be loaded (as usual) so I uninstalled it. I have even reinstalled WAMP Server 2 times since this happened. Even run CCleaner after each uninstall so everything with WAMP was gone before I installed it again.

Thanks in advance.

Best Solution

Solution(s) for this, found in the official wampserver.com forums:


This problem is caused by Windows (7) in combination with any software that also uses port 80 (like Skype or IIS (which is installed on most developer machines)). A video solution can be found here (34.500+ views, damn, this seems to be a big thing ! EDIT: The video now has ~60.000 views ;) )

To make it short: open command line tool, type "netstat -aon" and look for any lines that end of ":80". Note thatPID on the right side. This is the process id of the software which currently usesport 80. Press AltGr + Ctrl + Del to get into the Taskmanager. Switch to the tab where you can see all services currently running, ordered by PID. Search for that PID you just notices and stop that thing (right click). To prevent this in future, you should config the software's port settings (skype can do that).


left click the wamp icon in the taskbar, go to apache > httpd.conf and edit this file: change "listen to port .... 80" to 8080. Restart. Done !


Port 80 blocked by "Microsoft Web Deployment Service", simply deinstall this, more info here

By the way, it's not Microsoft's fault, it's a stupid usage of ports by most WAMP stacks.

IMPORTANT: you have to use localhost or now with port 8080, this means or localhost:8080.

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