Web-based FTP client & code editor


I am looking for a way to maintain LAMP-based websites entirely from a browser window.

Currently I'm using FlashFXP and NoteTab Pro for FTP and code editing, but they're only good as long as I'm at my desk.

I'd like to find a way to make site edits when I'm away from the office.

If I'm visiting family, and a client calls me about a bug in their site, it would be great to be able to connect to an online FTP client, enter the password, and work directly on the host.

At a minimum, this program would need multiple undoes, tabs for indenting, the ability to CHMOD, and the ability to create and delete files on the server.

I would like to avoid an advertising-heavy solution, and a clean GUI is a priority.

. . .

FireFTP is really slick but it refuses to show some files on the main site I maintain. And, since this program will be used on computers that are not mine, and possibly in public places, it would be nice to avoid installing a plug-in (and possibly a browser). If I can get it to work I may use it for everyday FTP.

Bespin looks promising but as of this writing it has no FTP connection capabilities, and very limited export possiblities.

Final choice: Net2FTP. It does everything I want. My only complaint is that it's ugly, but I can live with it in return for the flexibility I'll be getting in return.

Best Solution

I've used FireFTP before, a Firefox FTP addon. It offers all the features of a standard FTP client, but runs in its own tab.

Update: You can always install Firefox Portable and install the plugin there, that way you can carry it with you on a usb stick to use on other peoples computers.

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