What are some popular naming conventions for Unit Tests?



  • Follow the same standards for all tests.
  • Be clear about what each test state is.
  • Be specific about the expected behavior.


1) MethodName_StateUnderTest_ExpectedBehavior

Public void Sum_NegativeNumberAs1stParam_ExceptionThrown() 

Public void Sum_NegativeNumberAs2ndParam_ExceptionThrown () 

Public void Sum_simpleValues_Calculated ()

Source: Naming standards for Unit Tests

2) Separating Each Word By Underscore

Public void Sum_Negative_Number_As_1st_Param_Exception_Thrown() 

Public void Sum_Negative_Number_As_2nd_Param_Exception_Thrown () 

Public void Sum_Simple_Values_Calculated ()


  • End method names with Test
  • Start method names with class name

Best Solution

I am pretty much with you on this one man. The naming conventions you have used are:

  • Clear about what each test state is.
  • Specific about the expected behaviour.

What more do you need from a test name?

Contrary to Ray's answer I don't think the Test prefix is necessary. It's test code, we know that. If you need to do this to identify the code, then you have bigger problems, your test code should not be mixed up with your production code.

As for length and use of underscore, its test code, who the hell cares? Only you and your team will see it, so long as it is readable, and clear about what the test is doing, carry on! :)

That said, I am still quite new to testing and blogging my adventures with it :)