What does WTX (websphere transformation extender)


I'm not finding a lot of information on the internet about what is and what does WTX.

Can you give me some lights about it, and give me an example?

Also, the EAI BizTalk Server from microsoft is related to wtx?


Best Solution

WTX is a data transformation tool, for exmaple it will transform CSV into XML, one flavour of XML (e.g. RosettaNet) into another (e.g. an application format) etc.

It is owned and developed by IBM.

Transformations are referred to as maps and are built by dragging and dropping fields in the Eclipse based design tool.

The WTX runtime engine can be called in a variety of ways - e.g. through the Java API, the TX Launcher, IBM Integration Bus, etc.

WTX has been previously known as Mercator and DataStage TX

EAI BizTalk Server is also a tool for integrating applications and transforming data. I'm not aware of any adapters between the two tools, but you could develop one using the WTX API.

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