What method is best for coldfusion 8 trigger background page


I need to trigger a page to start acting, without interfering with client's processes.

I am doing a huge csv file upload, and after upload, redirect to an ajax status page….

But how do i trigger a page to be executed without showing that page to the end user…which i don't want to have them see…

Can i use cfschedule to schedule an task to happen immediately, without affecting performance of the client/end user?

Thank You.

Best Solution

We have a system that creates PDFs based on user input. We throw a new thread via CFTHREAD to create the PDF while redirecting to a dashboard page. Simply use CFTHREAD to create a new thread, and do not re-join it to the parent page.

You will need some way to notify the AJAX page (etc.) that the process is finished. Since I don't know what you are doing, I can't be of much help with that part. However, we flagged completed PDFs in the DB.

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