Where is the stylecop plugin in resharper 8.0 running in VS2013


I'm using Resharper 8.0 together with Visual Studio 2013.
Now i like to add some own rules.

I read about the stylecopforresharper, but it seems this one is deprecated.
It is now integrated right into stylecop.

I did install stylecop 4.7, and it is added to my visual studio:
enter image description here

In the documentation, i read that the stylecop should also be present as a tool in resharper options, but it is not:
enter image description here

What do i have to do in order to get the stylecop integrated into resharper?


Answer of citizenmatt is correct. I had the wrong version of Resharper. And it is even correctly documented on the stylecop website. Just my fault.

funny thing though, if i have the correct version of reharper installed, the stylecop setup shows me the supported resharper versions.
Without valid resharper version, there is no hint of which versions are supported.
enter image description here

Best Solution

StyleCop doesn't support ReSharper 8.0. But it does provide support for 8.1, which is a free minor upgrade to ReSharper 8.0. You can download it for free here - http://www.jetbrains.com/resharper/download/ (note that 8.2 is currently in beta - StyleCop doesn't support it yet, so stick with 8.1 for now!)

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