Which naming conventions do you use for SVN Branches and Tags


Our company is creating a naming convention for SVN branches and tags, and I'm not confortable with the idea of using only date or build number on branches/tag names.

I think we need names that brings a greater definition about what this path represents, what effort is being done, etc.

What do you think / use?

Best Solution

I always prefix the tags (and usually branches too) with the date in YYYYMMDD format, followed by a description of the purpose of the tag or branch.

e.g., 20090326_Release_v6.5 or 20090326_Post_Production_Update

This is under the standard trunk/tags/branches hierarchy of course.

The date prefix ensures that they all the tags or branches are displayed in creation order, which is much more useful then just being sorted by description if your scanning through a big folder of tags. You see the timeline of when and why they were created (like mini log messages).