Which of the cygwin mirror sites is complete?


I've noticed gross inconsistencies in the cygwin mirror sites. The packages that you get installed by default depend on which mirror you select. Even worse, some sites are missing important packages all together so you can't improve on the default installation.

My default installation of cygwin from sourceware.mirrors.tds.net did not include the diff or svn commands. When I went back to their mirror site (using setup.exe with the Internet option) the diffutils package and subversion packages were not even available at that site. The cygwin.mirrors.hoobly.com mirror had both of these packages, and based on the full listing it appears that it has a lot more packages that aren't available at sourceware.mirrors.tds.net.

Is there a cygwin mirror site that is authorative, or is it hit and miss on the cygwin mirror sites?

Getting the default and full cygwin releases versioned would go a long way to solving this problem, but cygwin doesn't version default or complete releases.

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