Which SSIS System Variable holds error text


I am running a SSIS package using SQL Server 2008 Job. The package crash at some point while running. I have created my own mechanism to grab the error and record it in a table. So I can see that there is an error with an specific task, but could not find what the error is.

When I run the same package from BIDS, it works perfect. no error.

What I want to do is, I need to write that error string to my own table which shown in the "Execution Result" tab.

So the question is which system variable holds the error string in SSIS.

Best Solution

The error is stored in the ErrorDescription system variable. See Handling Errors in the Data Flow for an example of how to get the error description.

Also, if you want to capture error information into a table, SSIS supports logging to a table using the SQL Server Log Provider. You can also customize the logging.

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