Will a NTP client work against a SNTP server


SNTP is a simplification of the full NTP specification.

I'd like to use a full NTP client against the internal SNTP server incorporated in Windows XP. Will that work or is a full NTP server required for the NTP client to work?

Best Solution

I've found the answer in the SNTP RFC 2030:

SNTP Version 4 is designed to coexist with existing NTP and SNTP Version 3 clients and servers, as well as proposed Version 4 clients and servers. When operating with current and previous versions of NTP and SNTP, SNTP Version 4 requires no changes to the protocol or implementations now running or likely to be implemented specifically for NTP ir SNTP Version 4. To a NTP or SNTP server, NTP and SNTP clients are undistinguishable; to a NTP or SNTP client, NTP and SNTP servers are undistinguishable.

So, yes, it will work. 

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