WinDbg symbol resolution


When using WinDbg, where should the private symbol files (pdb?) be placed?

My situation is: I have a DLL which I want to debug. I have the source code and symbol files for this DLL. This DLL is called by another DLL (which I don't have symbols or source for) which, in turn, is called by an EXE (which I also don't have symbols or source for).

My problem is that I am getting a warning that says

*** WARNING: Unable to verify checksum for C:\TheProgram\SomeSubfolder\AnotherSubfolder\MyDll.dll

This warning I think is the reason why I am getting the following type of messages in the call stack:


My file structure looks something like this:

The exe: C:\TheProgram\program.exe

The calling dll: C\TheProgram\SomeSubfolder\caller.???

My DLL that I want to debug: C:\TheProgram\SomeSubfolder\AnotherSubfolder\MyDll.dll

Note: I set Symbol File path and the Source file path to where the debug DLL was generated, in my workspace on a different drive from the exe.. But I did copy the pdb + map files and put it on the dll that I wanted to debug..

Best Solution

Sorry for the late reply.
In your post you mention that you are seeing the following error message.

*** WARNING: Unable to verify checksum for C:\TheProgram\SomeSubfolder\AnotherSubfolder\MyDll.dll

You also ask the question, "where do I put my symbols for my DLL in the symbol path?"

Here is a response for the first problem:

Steps to identify mismatched symbols.

  1. !sym noisy
  2. .reload
  3. x MyDll!*class*
    *This reloads your dll, alternatively you can type kb to display the call stack of the DLL which should load it as well.
  4. !sym quiet
    *Reset's back to original quiet symbol loading

Also you can run

0:001> lmv m myDll  *(and examine the Checksum)

Note: If you have a checksum, then Windbg can match the checksum of the DLL against the checksum of the PDB. Every development environment has a different way to generate a checksum.

Here is the response for the questions about where to put the PDBs

If you have MyDll.pdb added to a symbol store then you can use the following syntax

.sympath SRV*c:\symcache* 

As Roger has suggested above...

However if you just have the PDB locally, you may want to put the path to the PDB first before going out to the symbol server like this

.sympath C:\TheProgram\SomeSubfolder\AnotherSubfolder\;SRV*c:\symcache*

This way Windbg should look local to your SomSubFolder dir before trying to use the Symbols Server cache.

Thanks, Aaron