Windows 7 taskbar icon grouping with multiple similar windows


When I have a number of similar windows opens, for example, multiple explorer windows, they are all grouped into the same icon on the taskbar. When I hover over this I get a thumbnail of the window, and a piece of truncated text which is supposed to help me work out what that window is.

However I also like to have the full path shown in explorer windows, so the truncated text is usually C:\CommonPathToEveryWind…

I have noticed that if I have over 14 explorer windows open, then Windows gives up trying to display these useless thumbnails, and instead gives me a nicely formatted list of paths.

My question is how can I customise this behaviour, to either disable thumbnails all together for a subset of applications where a thumbnail is inappropriate (explorer, 'Everything'); or to lower the max number of thumbnails per grouped taskbar icon to 2; or just to disable thumbnails all together, (without loosing the entire windows theme)

Edit: Just to make it clear what I currently get, and what I actually want. I do still want to keep the grouping behaviour, so that multiple instances of the same program, Explorer for example, only take one slot on the taskbar. What I want is to alter what is displayed when I hover over the grouped icon:

What I actually see – useless thumbnails:-


The style I want for any number of instances:-


Best Solution

right click task bar. select properties. The option you are looking for is labeled taskbar buttons (see picture) and has a drop down box to the right of it. The options are:
always combine, hide labels
combine when taskbar is full
never combine

enter image description here

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